me about myself

Many years ago I was inspired by the drawings of Szymon Kobyliński, Japanese ink drawing and calligraphy. Professes minimalism.

Reality has taught me applied graphics, photography and film. Photography ensured cooperation with such magazines as Polityka, Przekrój, Newsweek, several author's exhibitions, nominations for Grand Press Foto, publications in Vogue Italian. The film report provided publications, among others in Fakty TVN, Arte TV A sense of aesthetics shaped equestrianism, kendo, sailing, climbing. As a rider, I took part in two films, Colonel Chabert with Gerad Depardieu.

I was an instructor in the State The Stallion Herd in Łobez.

I have given up horse riding for over 20 years for ethical reasons. As a photojournalist and cinematographer, I documented exercises at the training ground and more - anti-terrorists, policemen, soldiers, transplant teams, life in Japan.

Lockdown turned me back to drawing. Using the tablet and electronic the pen draws and paints.

I have been a vegan and animal activist for many years.